How To Take Measurements/ Size Chart

If you are ordering a costume from us, we have a few guidelines so you can measure correctly and receive a costume that fits well.

Here goes:

How To Measure For Dance Costumes

Girth: Place tape measure on the shoulder near the neck, and run the tape over the front of the body, down between the legs, and up over the back of the body, back to the shoulder again. Measure in centimetres.

Bust/Chest: Run the measuring tape firmly around the most outer part of the chest or bust, right on nipple point, and high across the back ( make sure the tape doesn't fall down). Measure in centimetres.

Waist: Tie some elastic around your waist tight, and wriggle a bit until it finds the smallest part. Run the measureing tape around here. This is your high waist, usually just under ribs, often above belly button. Measure in centimetres.

Hips: Not your hipbone, but often slightly lower, where your bottom sits out most, Run the measuring tape around here. Measure in centimetres.


Below is our Size Chart for you to compare to, and order from: